Historie Hytten has culture, stories and folk belie

History Hytten provides value creation with less overall environmental impact and significantly lower climate emissions. Appreciation of nature is an important contribution for urban people and public health. This on nature's terms.

These little creatures in History Cabin are good and fit well. They do not disturb guests, but guests can feel their presence. The only problem is that they move on to things, so you have to spend a lot of time finding things.

Try the cabin life the way it was once - relaxing, natural and quiet!

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Dreaming back in time
It's only when you're in a simple cabin that you understand how stressful everyday life really is. How much noise we surround ourselves and how far away from nature we have moved


Historie Hytten 6 -- ( 8 ) people

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Welcome to information HISTORIE HYTTEN


Perfect cabin in Nesbyen - the heart of Hallingdal in Norway.
A special experience in the old cabin - without electricity and water, where you get a special and exciting experience. All things remind you of the beautiful times with a real fireplace that warms your house. The fireplace is an established part of Norwegian cultural heritage that can still create joy for the whole family.
Nature experiences, take a peaceful walk out into the woods and fields. Ten minutes drive to the wonderful family friendly ski resort Nesbyen and Nesbyen golf course is beautifully situated in the mountain scenery, cross country and fishing opportunities etc. It is so quiet and peaceful, and it smells so good of the forest, where plants and animals live in balance with each other and with the environment
It is fun with all the nice guests from all over the world visiting us. Norway is a country that attracts guests from all over the world. They like the culture of our country and the beautiful landscape that has a magical and generous nature.
They love the History of the Cabin mythology world.


The cabin has no water or electricity. There is a line in the cabin for a lamp, heating element and charging plug.
There is a fireplace, propane oven, electric heater.

Sleeping in History Cabin

The living room has a sofa bed for 2 people.
The bedroom has two bunk beds (4 single beds)
There is a ladder from the bedroom up into asmall loft with two mattresses on the floor, popular for teenagers.

You must bring your bedding or you can rent it for 60, - kr.pr.set.
If you need bed linen, let us know well in advance of arrival.


Kitchen with wood stove
A propane stove, basic kitchenware and cutlery
There are electrical outlets that charge the phone.

We make sure there is water and firewood at the cabin.

In the living room you will find peace and quiet in a rustic and authentic setting
It is a lounge with two romantic lights from an eletrical extension cord.
From the living room there is a door to the terrace



There is no bathroom or toilet inside the cabin.
 There is an old-fashioned toilet without water in a small house outside the cottage.
If you need a shower, it can be arranged.
It costs 20, - kr.per person.
A family 50, - kr.
If you need to use the washing machine it can be arranged
It costs 20, - kr.per wash.

                                              Rates for rental


                                    Request booking at:

 harry.huse @ gmail, com              Message on tel: 40095043


Click here:Contact    If you speak Norwegian, call: 40095043                                



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07.04 | 11:05

Flott sted med masse snille/gode/fredlige tusser og småtroll/folk. Her kan man virkelig få slappet av og ladet "batteriene/romantikken"👍👍👍