Hi, my name is Harry Leif Huse.

When I come up with something,
I write a little

Hi !

Welcome to my private website.

This page I have hate for many years.

There was less with this after Facebook came.

This is where I feel at home and can do more

write what falls in. I feel it will be

more remember real friends who care a little.

Three month vacation in the Bahamas. a wonderful time.
Looking for manatees in Key Largo, Florida, USA
Broen over Kwai-Kanchanaburi
Have a car and have driven a lot around here in Thailand.
At home in Norway there is horse and mountain, then I enjoy myself.
I'm doing well with my wife.

Address Norway: Skirvedalsvegen 17  

3540 Nesbyen      Tlf:40095043  or                                             E-mail:  harry.huse@gmail.com

   Map Harrys Farmer


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My home in Thailand.

Address: 147 Moo. 17 Bannopanchart ,

Mancha Khiri,                                                                 

Khon Kaen, 40160 Thailand


Map Harrys Farmer


Hi, I will add pages about my:

This bicycle I drive here calls them Saling Taiene uses them for sale and transportation. They are incredibly fun to drive, you do not need a driver's license, a helmet and you can drive where it's most convenient for you. There are no direct traffic rules for them.

Ancestors, Children, Children Children, Grandchildren,
Private diary, Guestbook, A beautiful
small village, Rukkedalen, the world's finest valley.
Hope you follow me.



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With best regards
Harry Leif Huse

Nyeste kommentarer

07.04 | 11:05

Flott sted med masse snille/gode/fredlige tusser og småtroll/folk. Her kan man virkelig få slappet av og ladet "batteriene/romantikken"👍👍👍