Overview when the cabins are busy (not vacant).

Can be rented in together

Entire Gjerde Hytta and Historie Hytten

 It can sleep 17  (10 beds)

School classes or groups that are interested in the Mythological World, take turns staying in both cabins. It is exciting and tough to stay in History Hytta. The to hope for and at the same time not hope that something magical will happen. Discover the magical imagination of these creatures that make it so unique.

HISTORIE HYTTEN  6 -- ( 8 ) people

 In the history of the cabin you get an experience, special and exciting.

It is only when you are in a simple cabin that you understand how stressful everyday life really is

Photo gallery of Historie Hytten

Hele GJERDE HYTTA ( H1 )   Available from 01.03

Photo gallery of Gjerde Hytta


We have divided the cabin into two rental units.

GJERDE HYTTA ( A1 ) Available from 01.03

 Has own entrance. There is an oven / fireplace burning with wood in the living room.

Photo Gjerde Hytta ( A 1)

GJERDE HYTTA ( B2 )  Available from 01.03

 In the entrance hallway between the kitchen and the dining room there is a large wood stove.


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07.04 | 11:05

Flott sted med masse snille/gode/fredlige tusser og småtroll/folk. Her kan man virkelig få slappet av og ladet "batteriene/romantikken"👍👍👍